Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A fruitless pursuit

If a person gets everything they want, they will not be satisfied. The gaining of possessions cannot make one moment better. Such things are only good for taking up space.

That which we have is not ours to hold. When we leave the world, we can take none of it with us. To live one's life in a fruitless pursuit is to have wasted every day.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying what you have. But never let it gain possession of you. It is shameful for that which lacks life to consume those who live.

When recreation requires too much effort, it becomes work. Relaxation fades, and frustration sets in. The moment of rest becomes nothing more than a fantasy.

What is the purpose of stressing ourselves out in the vain hope of respite? Let that which is outside take care of itself. It is you who are in need of a break.

Live while the breath of life is in you. Leave all the trappings to ensnare the fools. That which can be left behind, was but a hindrance all along.


  1. Possessions only gain the significance that we give it. It is neither one thing or another in and of itself. Likewise a tool is nothing but the sum of its parts and cannot build a house unless used by a human being to do so. Nuff said.

    1. The problem with possessions is when they come to possess their owners, Tommy. They are merely tools, designed for a specific purpose. It is when we find purpose in them that things go wrong.

  2. Live with love in your heart, all the worldy trappings will become meaningless. The pursuit of happiness should be about finding yourself not acquiring things.

  3. And all the trappings are meaningless, Chris. We cannot take them with us. But our selves are ours to keep, for better or worse.