Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Negative and positive

Good things happen when you least expect it. Dwelling upon the negative is easy, but that which is positive gives us energy to go on. Otherwise, the world would drain us dry.

People readily complain and are rarely grateful. Anyone can talk about their problems and you will listen to see if they are worse than yours. Alas, misery is without a ranking system.

If things are going good for someone, others will be jealous. They will invent every reason in the world to hate that person. And if you lie to yourself long enough, you start believing it.

One must do better to be better. Tearing others down does nothing to build you up. No matter how long you stand at the top of a cliff it will not make you taller.

Inflated egos are just waiting for the intrusion of a pin. In the ensuing explosion, illusions are shattered. All that remains will be the fragments of one's pride.

Rejoice with the joyful and grieve for the sad. Do not let your own state of affairs affect how you treat others. After all, what you desire has no bearing on what you deserve.


  1. Seriously, Don, we have always loved you for your baldness. It's a part of what makes you so wonderful. Whenever I dream a bald dream, you're the star of the story. Don't ever be ashamed of it. And if that isn't what this blog was about, I still think its got a good message to it. No reason to tear people down--bald or otherwise. We're all in this together; at least, we should be.

    1. People hate each other for various reasons. But mostly, they are jealous of anyone who has what they do not. And they will stop at nothing to take it from them.