Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Running on fumes

Sometimes, you just need to keep going. Stopping is not an option, though you are running on fumes. It is in these moments you find out how resilient you really are.

Tapping into such reserves should not be taken lightly. You should only do so when it is truly needed. They must be available in case of emergency.

Be strong when it is necessary. Take a stand until you collapse. Running from adversity only means it will eventually find you in a weaker state.

If you care, you will do what is not easy. When the enemy is all around, you still will fight. This is not vanity, for there are hearts and souls at stake.

You fight for those that depend on you. Since they are in peril, you cannot back down. Spirit can overcome the weakness of flesh.

Only when the danger passes will you be able to rest. Take all the time you need to recover. The next threat is coming, and you must be ready.


  1. For me, it is actually something I just do as a matter of habit. I tend to be patient and stumble along with hope that things will pan out. When pressed, I call upon whatever reserves I have and push through. I am unsure if I am capable of giving up. I would have to override my habit to keep going.

    1. If you are still moving, then you have not given up. The world has not been able to halt your progress. You are able to just keep going.