Thursday, December 10, 2015


     Life is full of obstacles and we must overcome them. If things are going good, be wary: the storms will be coming. We do not prove ourselves when times are easy, but rather when they are hard. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just keep going.

     Perseverance is not the same as stubbornness. The latter would bang its head against a wall, while the former just finds another way. Real progress is not a straight line, for the terrain prevents such notions. Do what gets you closer to the goal with the least number of deviations.

     Losing everything is a real possibility. Nothing is guaranteed, so you must fight for what you have. But if your goal is to amass things, you are already on the wrong path.

     If the object is flawed, the journey is wasted. Many stumble along, obstinately pursuing the attainment of riches. When left unsatisfied, they fall into despair.

     Likewise, people seek adoration. To be sure, if someone adores you they expect to get something from it. Those who know you will not follow you around. The ones who love you will accept you with no thought of gain.

     Sometimes, the goal changes on the outside. The dream career turns out to be a nightmare and you need to start over. It will not be easy to get back on track. Failure is an option, and many will choose it. This is because beginning anew costs time and money. It will tax you physically and mentally. If you can be content, do so.

     Inside, things have not changed. The goal is always a means to an end. A better job means more money to do what you love. Status opens doors to reach a larger audience. You may need to do unpleasant things, but you should never do that which is violating. What does it profit to gain success at the loss of one's dignity?

     Life is best when we are doing what we love. We all have responsibilities, and we must live up to them. Sacrificing others for what you want is a violation of the highest order.

     Time is too precious to be wasted. Ask yourself if what you are doing is productive. If not, find something that is. When nothing good comes from it, then it is not worth doing.

     Inspiration comes in many forms, so do not be quick to dismiss anything. If it leads to action, you are not being idle. Books provoke ideas, and movies capture a feel. Games challenge, and music evokes emotion. When one is still, thoughts are clear; and sleep calms the frenzied mind.

     Maintain a steady pace, without being in a hurry. Haste will lay waste to all your hopes and dreams. Sloth brings everything to a screeching halt. Rush up a hill, and you will collapse from exhaustion. Lag behind and be left in the dust.

     To be better, we must do better. What a person says is not as important as what they do. Actions are life in motion. If you stop, then all is lost.

     In the end, blood, sweat and tears may be required. Climbing to the highest places is exhausting. Those spiritually weak need not apply. Stay on the ground where it is safer.

     If you cannot give up, you will either make it or perish in the trying. It is not shameful to fail if there is no way to win. Others might be inspired by your valiant attempt. No one may know your name, but your impact will be felt.

     Spiritual endeavors leave an indelible mark. Like a lighthouse, they show the way. Our lives might end in dust and ashes, but the spirit lives forever. What we do here, makes us who we are and what we always will be.


  1. The last line is the entire testimony in summary. Yes, we strive but what do we strive for? Our goal must be worthwhile if our effort is to be worth the effort, indeed.

    1. Those who live for themselves will die alone. To be selfless is to belong to someone else. Ultimately, we must take care of the one and not leave the other undone.

  2. As long as you strive for something worthwhile and do so with a pure heart, you are going down the right path. The obstacles are there, but you should never let them phase you. Keep going. If any of this really means anything, we'll find our way eventually.

    1. Do not wait to find your way... make it. Do what is best, and all else will fall into place. A body in motion tends to keep moving.