Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holding on

Living is harder than dying. To die, you merely let go; to live, you must keep going. Even when death is sure, the misery is what you must live through before the body finally succumbs.

When I learned I was diabetic, the fear was not in the deadly nature of my condition. Rather, it was the likelihood that my demise would come after much suffering. I was keenly aware, as well, that pieces of me could be lost in the process.

Medical problems stack up like wooden blocks. The higher the tower, the more chances it will come tumbling down. Especially when the table is shaking beneath you...

The medicine helps, but it does not heal. It enables us to go on, in spite of the pain. It treats the symptoms, but not the problem.

There is no use dreading the inevitable. We are still alive, and there is much left to do. Let the storms rage, but we will stand firm.

Life is tough: we must be tougher. Hold on to that which you hold dear. These things are done for those we hold dear, and for ourselves: to cherish each moment, and waste not a one.


  1. Totally! We're dealt the hand we're dealt. Waiting for a Royal Flush is wasting what might otherwise prove a profitable game. Interestingly, our only REAL opponent in life is ourselves. We win or lose within. All else follows.

    1. That's why it's important not to give up while the game is still going. There are still moves to make. The next hand just might change everything...