Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Break time

We all need a break. The cares of this life pile on, until you can barely stand. If not an ordeal, it is a nuisance.

Why are these things so important? Problems do not go away, they merely go into hiding. And you can be sure that, once you begin to feel good, they will rear their ugly heads once more.

We struggle with that which is beyond our power. It is like trying to remove the grains of sand from a beach. If you were to succeed, you would have a big pile of nothing.

There are things that we love to do. Not all are aimless pursuits to pass the time. Some reach deep into our being, drawing forth objects of wonder.

We desire to make things better. And this is a worthy use of our time. Human beings can transcend their mortality by making that which lasts.

Enjoyment is the very purpose of our being. A miserable life is not worth living. Beyond the drudgery of our daily existence, is a land fashioned of love and peopled by imagination.    


  1. Wow! Your best blog yet! Yes, we toil for nothing if our only concerns are the petty and taxing concerns of this world. Our endeavors from within are the only ones that matter.

    1. The cares of this world come and go. They change constantly, but the changes are always the same. What a person creates is, by its definition, something new...