Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Heart of the matter

Good art touches the heart. It stirs up the passions and fills one with wonder. Ideas are dead of themselves. It is the depth of feeling conveyed which makes all the difference.

Whether it is a painting, poem, story or movie; we have all witnessed art that is lifeless. Often it is because the artist’s head was full while their heart was empty. People can sense where there is a void, and will avoid such a place.

However, there are instances where the idea is weak but the heart is strong. It does not matter if the concept is overused, or ill-used or abused to the point one can barely even recognize it. With heart, anything can become something.

Inspiration cannot be forced. People try to impress with their ideas. No matter how well preserved, a corpse is still a corpse. And it should be buried, before the stench becomes overwhelming.

Pride is belief in a false concept. And once light shines upon it, the truth is known. It is the same with a work based merely on ideas. A slight nudge will topple the whole thing.

Thinking does not make the blood flow... that requires a heart. Feelings go deeper than notions, and art is the expression of what is within. Always strive to make the work so full of life that you can almost hear it beat. 

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  1. So true on every point! Ideas without heart are like bodies without souls. Art without feeling is like a corpse that should be buried. Nothing done without heart can endure if done by human will.