Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The one constant

There is one constant in life: everything changes. Those who cannot adapt shall perish, and the world will move on as if they never were. Therefore, it is essential for survival to roll with the punches.

Human beings seek to control everything, but are often reminded of how insignificant they are. The world turns without their consent, planets orbit without their permission, and the entire galaxy moves without asking if they wish it to. The arrogance of man is as nothing to the immensity of the cosmos.

Since we cannot control the world, we must learn to move with it. Reality can crush us, but a wise man merely steps aside when a huge boulder is plummeting towards him. The fool will try to catch it…

It is important to remain steadfast on the inside, but the outside should be as water: taking the path of least resistance. When it is time to act, the heart leads. The mind analyzes the situation and suggests the best course of action. The body moves forward, following its orders.

The heart is the only thing not bound by reality. If it leads to destruction, then the problem is within. One must be honest to overcome their failings. And part of being honest is to recognize the weakness of flesh.

There is the changing of the seasons, night turns into day, the tide advances and then it recedes. The more things change, the more they stay the same. One must learn the ebb and flow, and how best to ride the currents. The world is vast, but it is harder to hit a moving target.

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  1. Indeed! No one is ever in control. Shame on those who want to be. Freedom is to be ourselves the best we can be. Control is the lust of tyrants and those who would assassinate him if they dared.