Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A day like no other

There is no day like Christmas. It is that one time of year where there are tidings of peace and good will. And these feelings persist even beyond the chaos that ensues.

It is a time for family: the one day left to be enjoyed by nearly everyone. Is it really the gifts which bring us together? Or is it something much deeper?

Lights glowing on a decorated tree draw the eye like few other things. Objects in colored wrapping paper adorned with bows gather like fascinated onlookers. They have come to see the glorious spectacle and to wonder at what it means.

Music is made especially for this celebration. And some of these songs have been sung for a very long time. While they can be overplayed, we wish to hear them when the season comes again.

And nothing brings the light to a child’s eyes like seeing an assortment of gifts just waiting to be opened. The image lasts for but a moment, before colored paper is rent asunder to reveal what had been concealed. And children’s faces are painted with joy, while there is a look of contentment in the eyes of the parents.

It is a day for giving and receiving; for loving and being loved.  It is a time to think of others and be grateful for what you have.  Rejoice with me in this merriest of days, and treasure the chance to come together if only for the briefest of moments.

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  1. Regardless of the trappings, both cultural and physical, Christmas is the celebration of everything that is good and loving.