Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What I am

What I do is not what I am. As is the case with many authors, writing does not pay the bills. And so, I must toil during the day and write my heart out at night.

What a person is, so seldom is reflected in their vocation. This is because it is rare to secure gainful employment making use of one’s actual talents. It is much more likely to find a job doing, not what you love, but what you are good at.

Would I leave the daily grind to devote myself entirely to my literary passion? It would not be advisable. After all, as the saying goes, ‘don’t quit your day job.’

So, I lead this double life… which keeps my perceptions clear. Being a working man, I can sympathize with those of my ilk. Having not lost touch, I can still be moved.

There are those who write for a living, and I hope one day to be among their number. But for now, I do what I must. I learned the importance of responsibilities at an early age, and I shall not shirk them merely to do what I like.

What I am, is an author. And what I do is that which is necessary to support myself and continue my real work. Perhaps the day will come when there is no distinction between the two.    

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  1. So eloquent and thorough! You made your point of distinction loud and clear. Sad, but few love anything enough to be defined by what they love. Most are exactly what they do. I admire you for being beyond the grind of life.