Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ups and downs

Life is a struggle up mountains and through valleys. There are good times and bad. Unfortunately, the latter tend to be predominant, so one must learn to savor the former.

In imitation of life, stories have an ebb and flow. Sometimes it will seem as if there is no end to trouble. But the reader perseveres in the hope of good to come.

It is this yearning which motivates one to soldier on. And a good author will reward them in some fashion. For along with pain, must be the possibility of pleasure.

People will sacrifice a great deal for the sake of happiness. If they have done so in vain, they will search out greener pastures.  Give them something or they shall leave you with nothing.

There will be sadness, but never plunge your readers into the depths of despair. Help them to reach the surface and they will be grateful. For to drown in one’s tears, is a terrible fate indeed.

When a person is down, they desperately desire to look up. Give them hope and they will have the strength to rise. And then, each step brings the goal that much closer: they need only make the climb.

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  1. Up and down indeed. Good and bad for sure. All up loses its touch with reality. All down buries the reader.