Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The waiting game

Patience is a virtue, but it is a hard one to practice. We are accustomed in our society to expect immediate gratification with minimal exertion. And thus, such an essential trait gets rushed out the door.

It is not easy to wait. As time goes by, anxiety sets in: will the waiting be for naught? After all, deeds are accomplished by action, not by sitting around.

But most people have the wrong idea about patience. It does not mean to be idle, but to do what you can now and deal with the rest later. Sometimes swift action is required, and other times a great deal of effort will be necessary in order to bear fruit.

After one has planted seeds, they must be cared for to produce a satisfactory crop. And these things require constant care. The enjoyment comes only after much labor, when you reap what has been sown.

Impatience leads to recklessness, and what is planted will have no root and wither away. It takes time to craft perfection. Many hours can go into what will be experienced for only a few short moments.

But the final results will speak for themselves. The quality will be evident, and those who experience it will not be able to deny the workmanship. For the highest achievement comes through perspicacity, patience and perseverance.

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  1. Indeed! If you care enough to do something right, you shall take the time to do so.