Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Standing firm

Life is a fight and we must roll with the punches. Give as good as you get, but always look for an opening. You can win before they even knew what hit them.

Every day is a constant pummeling. We need to be tougher than that which assails us. If you can take a beating, you should be prepared to give one.

Evil is proud, and will leave itself open. That is when you strike: hard and fast, in a flurry of blows. It will actually walk right into them.

Those who cannot fight their own battles cannot fight for others. Strengthen the heart, and steel the resolve. Overcome your own adversities first.

Do not make the same mistakes. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Let your adversary be the one to leave himself open.

Stand firm, though the hordes of hell assail you. Those who fall bear no shame. So long as they were knocked down and could not get back up.

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