Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Difficult decisions

Our lives are filled with difficult decisions. It is not always easy to know what is best. And where the feelings of others are involved, nothing can be taken lightly.

Some things are as simple as good and evil. Do not do that which falls into the latter. For the damage done will overpower any idealistic notions you had.

The hard choices come when you must do what is best, in spite of whose feelings might get hurt. Your intentions are not to cause harm, yet people's expectations take on a life of their own. One must make their apologies, while still proceeding in the right direction.

You are not responsible for the desires of others. So long as they are not sacrificed, all is well. Hurt feelings can heal, a wounded soul rarely does.

What is important is that they know you still care. This is communicated through actions, not words. Anyone can profess concern, just as they can claim to be enlightened.

Ultimately, all will be known. Pretending will only take you so far, before your house of cards comes tumbling down. What is best is never at another's expense.


  1. One of the most heartfelt blogs to date. I have dealt with similar situatations. These things are difficult to ignore so it is best to deal with them for the sake of others.

  2. These things are difficult to deal with, so they must be handled carefully. Much harm can be done done without evening intending to. It all comes down to caring...