Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Taking chances

Opportunity: some reach out to seize it, while others just let it pass by. Without it, we are doomed to the status quo. The shrewd learn to take full advantage.

Some wait to be given a chance, while others make their own. It is not easy to create possibilities. Such a feat takes a lot of ingenuity and even a bit of luck.

Yet, there are opportunities all around us. People tend most to ignore what is right in front of them.  If you keep moving, you are bound to run into something.

It will not necessarily be something big. Chances are that it will be a little thing. But faithfulness in such makes one worthy of greater.

Every day brings the hope of better. But action is required to make dreams come true. And the fruits of your labors may be long in coming.

Contentment is the death of desire. It leaves you with your lot and nothing else. Passion cannot be denied: it will succeed or perish in the trying.


  1. TOTALLY! A man is grown from a single cell. A man's accomplishments are grown from little opportunities. Even the biggest building began with the first block.

    1. A journey begins with a single step. Taking advantage of little opportunities opens doors for greater. We must be willing to open the door and go through...