Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hear me out

It is easy to speak, but hard to listen. Yet, by the very nature of conversation, it goes both ways. Words are just funny noises without someone to hear, understand and respond accordingly.

When someone is talking, are you listening or merely waiting to speak? We all have opinions and that is the problem: everyone has an opinion. Typical dialogue consists of two people shouting at one another in a calm tone of voice.

You can never really know a person by assuming what they will say. By listening, you can learn a great deal. That which is spoken originates much deeper.

Thus, individuals can be judged by the  words they speak. A wicked heart gives birth to wickedness. It pours out of the mouth and pollutes the air.

A caring heart will be slow to speak and quick to listen. What a good person says is worth hearing, and even heeding. Their words are not always pleasant, but they are meant for the edification of the listener.

Conversation is not about the stroking of egos. People are responsible for what they say. But only so long as what they said was honestly heard and understood.


  1. Indeed. Talking and communication are meant to be synonymous... but seldom are. Things get lost in the smoke and mirrors.

  2. A lot of talking is done, but very little communication. People spew sounds at one another, hoping that the other person will do what they will not. And the result is a lack of communication.