Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Real life"

“Real life” is a misnomer, for in the real world human beings cannot truly be themselves. This is a blessing, because it protects us from the wicked. It is a curse, because even the good must live in constant restraint.

For the sake of our society, people speak and act with great care. There are rules that everyone must abide by, further restricting behavior. And this is necessary, but let it never be said that it is true.

There are always the rebels, who will flaunt themselves in the face of authority. The powers that be are content to let them act out, until it becomes bothersome. Then, the crushing force of civilization comes crashing down...

Peer pressure does not end with puberty. It is ever present, though rarely acknowledged. There is an unspoken rule that others must be judged. But the ones pointing the fingers, so rarely see the ones pointing back at them.

And so, the “real world” is a fictional place full of secrets and lies. People tend to be real only when they are alone, with no one around to disapprove. Unlike a story, you can never truly know these characters.

The restrictions of “real life” are necessary. If you give an inch, they will take a mile. Human beings have made a world where they cannot be themselves. It is a sad fact, and one of the few things in life that is real.

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  1. So true, in every way. Ironic that rebels are as much the status quo as the adherents thereof. Interesting that reality is a collective fiction. Sad that people are deprived freedom by their very wickedness. Amazing that our fiction is capable of a sincerity reality cannot realize.