Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pursuit of the dream

Dreams: everyone has them, but few actually pursue them. A dream is very much a hope, and most do not seriously believe it will become a reality. As for myself, I consider it useless to chase a dream without the actual intention of catching it.

People fervently wish for things, believing the wish itself is magic. But if you wish in one hand and relieve yourself in the other, one will clearly fill up first. A wish has no more substance than a hope. Whereas, dreams are motivational: they push you to action.

It is easy to be full of words; they flow so easily. But it is in deeds that goals are accomplished. Speech merely communicates intention, but actions are concerned with the achieving of results.

It is not enough to want something, no matter how strong the desire. To realize a dream, you must determine what is necessary to achieve it. Set smaller goals for yourself, each designed to get you one step closer to the prize.

Do not become discouraged when the journey takes unexpected twists and turns. If the bridge is out, you find a way around. One must constantly adapt to survive, and it takes even more flexibility to thrive.

I do not follow my dreams… I pursue them. Using all the resources at my disposal, I hunt them down. These fugitive hopes have no place to run and nowhere to hide. I will catch them... it is only a matter of time.

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  1. So true! We must DO something worthwhile if our lives are to have meaning. Our endeavors are how we prove our merit, even if only to ourselves.