Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The thing about time

The thing about time is there is never enough. There is so much I want to write, to read, and review. So many moments are spent doing what I would rather not. Still, time is a precious commodity and one must use it wisely if they are to accomplish their goals.

Stories do not write themselves. That is to say, one must place the words on each page. And like everything else, this takes time and effort. And there is no guarantee of a return on your investment.

If it is important, you make time. Everyone on this planet has twenty-four hours a day. It is what we do with these hours and even minutes that makes the difference. Boredom cannot take root if you are busy.

There is a time to relax and regain your energy. The days will grind one down to tiny fragments. But rest helps to gather yourself once more. And it doesn't take much to get you back in the fight.

For time is neither an enemy, nor a friend. It is a resource that can be used for good or for ill. It can be utilized or wasted. Most often it is merely consumed.

But a productive person uses it wisely and to the fullest. Books will be written, read and reviewed. People will not go neglected. Responsibilities will be fulfilled and there will still be time to play. For the enrichment of a life is to savor every hour, every minute and every second.  

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