Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fuel to the fire

How do you climb the world’s tallest mountain? You do it through determination. Man dreamed of flying, and accomplished it through sheer determination. We wished to walk on the moon, and determination set the very prints upon its surface. To succeed, set a goal and utterly refuse to be deterred from reaching it.

I decided to write a story and completed it. Then, I set out to be published and became an author. My works are now available in print and electronic format. All because I set a goal for myself, and achieved it.

There were many obstacles along the way. But if this were easy, then everyone would be doing it. If you have not put your blood, sweat and tears into the task, you are not trying hard enough.

When it gets difficult, most people get discouraged. I become frustrated, and my frustration grows into a surge of energy. The adversity has fueled my determination to succeed. I do not tire… I become stronger.

Sometimes, the strain is too great and fatigue sets in. Having given my all, it was not good enough. It would be so easy to just lie down and set my burdens aside. But I catch my breath, and raise my head; eyes trained once more upon the goal.

This is what it means to do your best. You must give every last ounce of energy you have. Run until you cannot take another step. Crawl until you have regained your breath. And then you stand, forging onward once more.

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