Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Of life and death and everything in between

I write. It is my deepest passion. In writing, I can express my innermost desires, give voice to my fears and journey to worlds that only exist within.

Writers weave with all the colors of the rainbow. Some of the images are dark and ghastly, while others can be almost cheerful. But make no mistake about it, writers have visions and then write about them.

Often your muse will tantalize with an image that is hard to put into words. Yet, the writer will look deeper, pursuing its prey until all is fully rendered. There is a glorious madness in the sublime imagery of words. And that is what I bring to page after page, until the image moves and breathes. And then it speaks, not just for me; but for the multitudes just waiting for a song.


  1. Writing is one of the greatest forms of communication. It paints a picture and allows the reader in. it teaches through example and also challenges the reader to imagine things in their own life that has not yet happened.

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  3. Pursuing your prey! Now, there is a way to look at it. I sometimes don't even know where its going myself, but i feel it out as I write. Also, cool that you have your own blog now.