Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweet nothings

It is easy to deceive ourselves. If it sounds good, we believe it. That which fits our agenda is deemed to be best, and all else is left in the dust.

We claim many things, and fail to test their veracity. The outcome is not important, only the intentions. And so, we pave the road to our own destruction.

Before taking any path, consider where it leads. Looking past what you want is the best way to see. Rationalizing things makes them look shiny and new, but they are really just the same old evil.

We whisper sweet nothings into our own ears. The bigger the lie, the more desire to believe it. After all, to do otherwise would be to admit that we merely wished to consume on our lusts.

Oh, the heroes unsung who have painted up the most vile wickedness to resemble the greatest good! But when the colors run, all is revealed. And the result is monstrous, to say the least.

Honesty requires that we question ourselves most thoroughly. Scrutinize your doings, and why they were really done. For what we bury deepest, someone will eventually dig up.


  1. Indeed, for darkness cannot endure the light of day.

  2. People live their lives in darkness, and that is why they cannot see. They only hear what they want. But they have plenty to say...

  3. A rationalization is simply a lie people tell themselves to justify bad behavior. How about we freaking give a damn and act on that! I see so many people openly admitting that like to see the world a certain way. The world is what it is regardless of what they think, and if they want to make any difference that's worth anything, they need to open their eyes and deal with it. Some people can't see beyond the nose on their face.

  4. People do not want to see the truth. It does not fit their agenda. So, they shut their eyes, pretending it will go away...

    1. Its called the "out of sight out of mind" mentality. You see it a lot from people who litter. They will ignore the bad they are doing and focus on whatever gives them their jollies. Buildings have burned to the grown for less. Sometimes people die. As long as you dont have to deal with it, its like it becomes a none event. It really all comes down to indifference. There lies the root of it all.

  5. It is amazing what people will believe if they want to bad enough. That is why snake oil salesmen are still in business. They convince you that their product will fulfill all your hopes and dreams...