Tuesday, April 14, 2015


How can we know if what we are doing is good? Leaning on our own understanding, we will fall. It is important to take an honest look at oneself to learn the truth.

Making excuses is a sure sign there is a problem with what you are doing. People do not come up with reasons to do good. It is when they want to get away with something that they suddenly have a well-crafted argument.

Truth hurts, and there is much pain in being honest. It is humiliating to find ourselves in the wrong. Yet, it could be worse: we could keep walking around naked, believing we are clothed.

You cannot trust those who are quick to criticize. Often, they have nothing to show for all their advice. Only those who build well can provide valuable insight to others.

It comes down to honesty: why are you really doing something? Is it making things better or worse? If the latter, you must cease immediately before more damage is done.

Self-examination is an arduous process that never ends. But it is a necessary one. Honesty is the difference between a firm foundation, and building on a sinkhole that will eventually suck you in.


  1. Your last line sums it up brilliantly! The timing for this one is relevant because my dad thinks I'm selfish for not roughing it for him to "help" his sycophants and users. He doesn't care if his "good deeds" are MY problem because it is HIS house! I have been staying at MY house and ignore his calls... though his sister is dying of cancer and he wanted to talk to me about it. SELF-EXAMINATION is indeed the hardest endeavor possible.

    1. Many people do not realize when they are being selfish. If you are sacrificing others for what you want, that is selfish. No matter whose name you tack onto it...