Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Two become one

Love is a thing of many splendors. But how quickly it turns to hate. You will do anything for that which you love, and anything to that which you despise.

Compassion and love are not the same. The former cares expecting nothing in return. The latter is always expecting something.

That is why love is transitory: by its nature it is conditional. If the one does not get what they want, the relationship can end. All that seemed so precious can be reduced to bitter memories.

I have seen love in its best form. Years could not separate the two, nor did death fully break the bond they shared. What makes it work is when the two become one.

Likewise, I have seen love at its worst. People have killed for it, and destroyed themselves for its lack. Again, the lack of commitment is usually the culprit.

Those who put themselves aside can love indefinitely. A lifetime is not long enough for them to share. They are a shining example of two individuals together becoming more than the sum of their parts.


  1. So true on every point! Interestingly, those who are compassionate are more apt to find lasting love because they shall care enough to make it work.

    1. If they care enough, they will. And if they don't care enough, they won't. The strength of a relationship is in the heart...