Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The bearing of burdens

What is this obsession with bringing others down? The world is not always a happy place, but it is where we live. And even if my life is a misery, there is no reason it should spread.

I am not saying we should not grieve. It is a natural thing, and necessary for healing. However, we should not seek to reduce others  to our emotional state.

That does not mean putting on a happy face. When the pain is great, release comes in the shedding of tears. There is no shame in pouring one's heart out through the eyes.

There are people who live to make others miserable. Their very existence is poisonous. Hopefully, this rancor will result in a shorter lifespan.

Only those who bear their own burdens have the strength to help another. If anyone promises you a rose garden, be prepared to feel the thorns. No one's life is easy: we just struggle with different things.

It is hard enough to stand with the fallen scattered about. Do no harm, and help yourself thereby. Live to build up, and the destroyers will be put to shame.

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