Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Facing fear

Fear reaches us on a primal level. It can turn the toughest person into a gibbering wretch. It takes courage to stare into the void, knowing that something is staring back.

Those who say they have no fear do not know fear. The precariousness of our existence is not real to them. Or they have deluded themselves into thinking that monsters do not really exist.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Real vampires dress up in suits, sucking the life out of all they touch. Real zombies crave brains, because they have none of their own. Real werewolves are beasts in human form, devouring whatever is in reach.

Beyond the danger of reprobates, are the everyday fears: the loss of one’s livelihood, dread of the powerful, the knowledge that one false move could shatter your fragile dreams. The world is a serious threat to our survival. It is foolish to ignore what you cannot help but see.

Courage is not the absence of fear. It is proceeding forward in spite of it. Bravery is not stupidity. One must survive these perils by using their wits.

These things are too big to be beaten, but they can be overcome. All it takes is courage and caring. And it helps to know you are not alone. There are others waging a silent war against the night.


  1. INSIGHTFUL: all our monsters are real! You made your claim and provided the evidence which verified it. Yes, reality is too big, strong and cruel to be vanquished, but it can be defeated, more by riding it than slaying it. Well said, on all counts!

  2. These are the real fears. And it takes real action to overcome them. Too many people are content to live in a fantasy world and avoid reality. But that will not make it go away...