Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Traveler

A poem I wrote about the meeting of two worlds:

The Traveler

I dreamed a waking dream
as I rode into the night.
I dreamed that I saw faery folk
in the fading of the light.
Their eyes did seem as those of cats
whose gaze did pierce my own.
Were my stare to meet with theirs
my secrets would be shown.

"Silly man" I told myself
"such notions that you hold.
For there is but my steed and I
moving down this road."
With that, I gave a chuckle
but my heart was not at ease.
For I could swear, I had just seen
movement in the trees.

I chided myself once again,
and bade such fear depart.
A form stepped from among the trees
and I fought to still my heart.
"Who does skulk among the wood?"
I tried my best to say.
But with panic in my voice
it came out a different way.

The hooded figure moved with grace
that never I did see.
So delicate, in form and face.
A maiden, she must be.
She then began to speak
in a melody soft and light.
As if a bird attempted speech
to me that very night.

She said "I travel, just like you,
though I must walk along.
I have no steed to carry me.
The journey home is long."
She drew up close beside me.
I shook to end the dream.
Her features sharp and beautiful.
So very strange they seemed.

At first, I did not speak.
What words had I to say?
She gave a nod and simply said
"Peace" and walked away.
My tongue did swiftly find release.
I called to her to wait.
"How far must you travel on?
Ride with me, for it is late."

Her gaze did fall upon me,
so eerie did it seem.
Slanted eyes did pierce my soul.
This had to be a dream.
She said "I travel to a land,
that you have never seen.
A place of life and beauty.
The realm of endless green."

"I will take you to this land"
I proudly did proclaim.
"I just need you to show the way.
Does this land have a name?"
I did wonder at myself
and at my brave reply.
For never had I uttered such
to a stranger passing by.

"Take heed" she said. "Oh traveler,
I journey far away.
But I am weak and weary
from walking all this way.
If you wish to carry me
a little farther on.
I will go with you this night
but I must leave at dawn."

I wondered at her words,
and then I did assure
"You will be safer here with me.
Dear maid, with eyes so pure.
You do not need to hasten on
when the sun does rise.
Ride with me back to your land,
I speak to you no lies."

"Nay, oh man" she said to me
"at dawn I will depart."
Her words were filled with certainty
that cut into my heart.
"Very well, dear maiden"
I reached down with one hand.
"Come ride with me into the night.
At dawn, the ride will end."

She stretched forth a hand
so long and soft and white.
I pulled her up behind me.
And rode on through the night.
She wrapped her long and slender arms
secure around my waist.
Her head was on my shoulder,
my heart did beat in haste.

I wondered at the features
hid beneath her hood.
That now did rest upon me.
Within, I felt so good.
I gazed at hands so delicate
that still did hold me fast.
Before I even knew of it,
the night had hurried past.

I did not want to stop,
but my word is what I gave.
"The day begins, fair maiden."
My voice was sad and grave.
She slipped down from the steed
and said "My thanks to you.
I am rested now, and must go on.
But once more, peace to you."

My heart did faint to hear her words
and I cried out "Wait!
Why do you really have to leave?
Is this will, or fate?"
She said "Oh man, to understand
you must walk the path I tread.
It is not you, it is your kind
who fill me with such dread.

"I see it even in your eyes.
The fear, and warm desire.
Your heart is stronger than you know
it can contain your fire.
And that is why I rode with you
until the sun did rise.
There is love, a glowing jewel
shining in your eyes.

"But man is known to reach and take
whatever that he can.
And thus, his feet may never tread
our green and wondrous land.
But peace to you, and to your kin.
Your kindness do I see.
It is a treasure that I love
and will keep close to me."

With that, she stepped into the trees.
I wondered at the sight.
For such a dream could not be true
in the early morning light.
I rode on still much amazed,
at what my eyes had seen.
Could there be this land of life?
A realm of endless green?

Were my eyes so heavy,
that a vision they did see?
Was she just imagined?
Did I wish her to be?
But the dream was far too perfect
to come from within me.
Somewhere, she still walks all alone
so pure, so light and free.


  1. So surreal concerning the fairy maiden and so real concerning the man. The two are indeed of mutually alien natures, yet there is a yearning between them.

  2. I absolutely love this poem. Beautifully written piece of art. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.