Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Serious fun

Writing is fun. Writing is hard work. These two statements are not contradictory. That which is worth doing is not easy and that which is easy is probably not worth doing. There is a satisfaction in accomplishment that can only be found when one has poured out both heart and soul.

Sometimes a story can vex you. Art is all about attention to detail and these things take great care to render correctly. However, it is only through painstaking efforts that one can reap the rewards of the finished product. Sloppiness leads to disappointment.

The enjoyment is in the achievement. Long periods of time spent focusing on all the many elements it takes to tell a tale, bear fruit when the work is finished and ready for the world to see. At this point, a true artist can relax. For they know, regardless of the response, they held nothing back.

It is fun to create worlds and to people them. Art imitates life, but tends to smooth the rough edges so that what is seen is less real than ideal. In such a place, the imagination can soar. The only limits are the boundaries of the page…

But mere enjoyment is not the artist’s goal: it is fulfillment. The desire is to bring the work to life! The satisfaction comes from making a living, breathing world. And then, you see what chaos the characters can stir up.

I love to write, and everything I love is treated with great care. One must toil to reach the lofty heights. There are times when the task seems insurmountable. But eventually, you claw your way to the top and stand in awe of where you stand.  

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