Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The patience of a craftsman

A great deal of patience is required for the crafting of a fine tale. Just as in the construction of a building, each layer of a literary work must be carefully fashioned, starting with a strong foundation. If the premise is flimsy, then the entire story will topple from its lofty heights.

The interweaving of plot and character can be a daunting task indeed. The audience must come to know both protagonist and antagonist and understand the forces that are working toward a conclusion. These are delicate matters and must be handled cleanly and smoothly.

There are the obvious elements of plot, and there are the devious subplots swimming about in the murky waters. Add to this the many levels of characterization, and you have a mixture which needs but a little stirring to become a tasty stew. Every now and then, even the writer is surprised by the subtle flavors hiding amongst the brew.

Building takes time, and a great deal of preparation. A firm foundation needs sturdy walls and a solid roof to become a suitable habitation. So, the elements of a story are fastened together in such a way that the gaps are filled and the nails are covered.

And eventually the work stands in all its glory, just waiting for the reader to come make themselves at home in its roomy interior. The genius is in the details and the attentive will discover each one, ever searching for more. They will marvel at the craftsmanship, and speak highly of the humble scribe who took in hand to fashion a house of ideas, reared by desire and reinforced with great care. 


  1. So very true. I definitely must cultivate patience. There is no point rushing and writing something mediocre, what a waste of time that would be. You seem to put just as much effort into your blog posts. Thanks

    1. You're welcome, Marcelle. Thanks for recognizing all my hard work. Every one of these brief lines is a labor of love. And I am glad to see they are appreciated.