Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zombie apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is upon us! No, the undead are not out to consume the living. Rather, there are so many that everything is in danger of grinding to a halt.

A person that does not care is dead while they yet live, hence a zombie. They move and breathe, but nothing is better for it. Instead, things are worse, because they are using up precious resources.

Zombies do not even care for themselves, leading to all kinds of health problems. The stench of death follows them: it is a rotting from within. Yet these things shamble about, taking up space.

All of this is unnecessary. Life is about living and doing and being. If a person is truly alive, a living death cannot claim them.

Indifference will spread until only a husk remains. Not caring is a slippery slope: you stop caring about others, stop caring about yourself, and then the body eventually succumbs. But everyone around you suffers in the meantime.

Live while you still can! Every breath is precious, and not to be wasted. Be the person you were meant to be. Let death be merely the end of a fulfilling life.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Predictably unpredictable

People become jaded easily. After awhile, they claim to know all of your tricks. Sometimes you need to throw a few curves just to keep the game interesting.

It is not enough to go left when expected to go right. They will pick up on the pattern. Rather it is best to be predictably unpredictable.

You cannot take someone for granted if you do not know what the grant is for. Keep moving, while they are busy figuring you out. What if the solving of the puzzle reveals yet another layer?

It is necessary to pay attention. Too often, people are anticipating what will be said. As a result, they turn out to be wrong.

You do not need to confound, their short attention spans will be your greatest ally. If a person cares, it will be obvious. Their light will shine like a beacon in the night.

Those that can see, will see. The ones that can hear, will hear. All others will merely trip over their own suppositions.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The beat goes on

Sometimes life hits you like a ton of bricks. The unthinkable transpires and you are left to wonder why. It is hard to stand, but falling can be fatal.

In a world of sink or swim, many go under. Sometimes the burdens are too great. Easier to collapse, than take another step.

Perseverance is like walking into a gale: if you relax in the slightest, it will knock you down. There is no guarantee of survival. Death, on the other hand, is a real possibility.

We keep going, because we must. The alternative is to embrace our doom. But who would want to be trapped in its crushing grip?

To be alive, means death has not won. Sure, it may get you eventually. But it is better to give out, than to give up.

Heart is stronger than flesh: even broken ones can be mended. A heart keeps beating until the very end. Though the pain is great and it vexes us sore, the beat goes on until it can no more.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Simple joys

We all have things we look forward to. It breaks up the monotony of our daily existence. Without these thrills, life becomes an incessant bore.

Some people look forward to hearing a song, or watching a show. Others are excited to read a book or watch a movie. Then, there are those who breathlessly anticipate a certain event. Yet, that which is precious is often lost.

Life drones on and such simple joys get washed away. It does not care what you want. And thus, we are left with only what we need.

Subsistence is mere existence. It is a state of emptiness. Everything becomes hollow, as if mere props for us to enact our daily miseries.

If a person cannot do that which they enjoy, they will not last long. I have seen this happen. Without enjoyment, they just waste away.

Those we love give our lives meaning. The things we enjoy, brighten our outlook. Cherish them now, against the day of their inevitable loss.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The birth of innovation

Desperation gives birth to innovation. You cannot keep doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome. When reason fails, it is time to get crazy.

Creativity does not flourish in captivity. It needs room to run and space to roam free. Fear boxes you in, with crippling results.

It is not sense that must give way, but insensible restrictions. Making things requires a bit of the mad scientist. Take the bubbling contents of those vials, mix them together and see what happens.

To succeed, it is necessary to go beyond. Those who are stuck in one place, can only stare at the finish line. It will forever be kept from them.

Risks are essential, but they must be calculated ones. Know where you are going before you deviate from the path. Or else you could find yourself lost in the field to the left.

Everyone wants to triumph over adversity with their sanity intact. This would be fine, if it were feasible. But the creative process is fraught with insanity from beginning to end... and back again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What could be

There are many things wrong with our world. Creativity is the desire to make it right. Or at least make it better.

Real life is dull. Even our appreciation of the world is filtered through our desire to improve upon it. Nature is not as interesting as we imagine it to be.

The natural order is a relationship of predator and prey. Flight is preferred and fights are avoided unless you have the distinct advantage. If so, then you mercilessly slaughter the weak to get what you need.

Only man can see things as better than they truly are. At its worst, this leads to naivety. At best, it gives us hope.

In imagining, we are inspired to make better. Our creativity is unleashed, and we set our hearts to the task. Art is our blueprint to change the world.

We see what is wrong and set about to fix it. This requires imagination and introspection. It takes vision to see beyond what is to what it could be.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A better way

That which does not adapt does not survive. Change can be painful, but it is necessary. If something is not working, it is foolish to continue doing it.

It is not always easy to know what you should do. Many paths seem like they should lead to your destination. And the shortest route is not always the best.

A better way will prove its superiority. You can discern by the results that your decision was a good one. If you have nothing to show, chances are you have chosen poorly.

Take care not to rush to judgment. The fruits of your labors take time to mature. And a great deal of work will be required.

If you tend the tree and it does not bear fruit, then you cut it down and burn it. Energy is far too precious to waste on wishful thinking. Toss failed notions on the pile and seek out the fresh ones.

Success is a road paved with failure. It does no good to weep for spoiled crops. Save your tears to combine with sweat and blood to make your dreams a reality.