Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Breaking the chains

People are often slaves to their desires. When what you want has you, there is a problem. Things will not improve, so long as we grovel before these idols.

You can become addicted to anything. The only way to free yourself is to break the chains entirely. Being consumed reduces a person to a pile of ashes.

Human beings must overcome their vices. Or else they will be overcome by them. What seems perfectly harmless may conceal a deadly sting.

What we want is not the issue. We should be concerned that we want it more than we should. Think of what lengths one would go to get what they desire.

And when the goal is attained, there is no satisfaction. Because the fruit of lust does not fill the heart. Instead, you wind up with less than you had.

Our spirits can guide our wills to do good. But only when we have a purity of purpose. The tail does not wag the dog: we are responsible for what we become.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Thoughts roam free

Imaginative people are easily inspired. This world is not so dark they cannot see the light in it. There are always frontiers just waiting to be explored.

Opening our eyes reveals a world of possibilities. It is up to us to make the most of them. Otherwise, they will be left to lie like dreams unfulfilled.

Inspiration inevitably leads to action. Such energies cannot remain bottled up inside. Whenever you least expect, that is when they will spring forth.

Using such power requires an understanding of just where it should go. Chaos is not a good game plan. In the end, it leads to destruction.

If channeled properly, inspiration can give birth to great things. It has enhanced our lives immensely. Things improve when you imagine better.

Evil cannot reign while thoughts roam free. Beware of those who would stifle creativity. This a direct assault on the heart, and all else will follow.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fear itself

Being frightened can be fun. By recognizing our mortality we come to appreciate what it means to be alive. We breathe a sigh of relief having survived an imaginary fate.

Real fear cannot be so easily enjoyed. If someone truly means you harm, it becomes a matter of life and death. No one is guaranteed to walk away, nor even to crawl.

We are threatened by forces, both natural and otherwise.  Sometimes, all you can do is hope to survive. But no one is assured to live another day.

Fear can break us down if we let it. We cannot stop being afraid, but we can face that which gives us pause. Once confronted, it tends to cower away.

If the fear will not leave, it must be beaten. Reign in your rogue anxieties, for they only represent what could be. Ultimately, we have a hand in how things turn out.

Fear itself is among our most dangerous of foes. Those who give in have given themselves up to it. Darkness can only win if we extinguish the light.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A fruitless pursuit

If a person gets everything they want, they will not be satisfied. The gaining of possessions cannot make one moment better. Such things are only good for taking up space.

That which we have is not ours to hold. When we leave the world, we can take none of it with us. To live one's life in a fruitless pursuit is to have wasted every day.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying what you have. But never let it gain possession of you. It is shameful for that which lacks life to consume those who live.

When recreation requires too much effort, it becomes work. Relaxation fades, and frustration sets in. The moment of rest becomes nothing more than a fantasy.

What is the purpose of stressing ourselves out in the vain hope of respite? Let that which is outside take care of itself. It is you who are in need of a break.

Live while the breath of life is in you. Leave all the trappings to ensnare the fools. That which can be left behind, was but a hindrance all along.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

High expectations

A hypocrite holds other people to a standard to which they will not hold themselves. It is easy to point fingers. Still, such things do come back around.

There is nothing wrong with decrying evil in the world. But you must first deal with what you find inside. Otherwise, no one will hear what you have to say.

High expectations are the burden of the good. Someone who claims better must prove it by their actions. Once credibility is lost, it may never be regained.

Evil people are not expected to be anything else. They live and die, wondering why others do not care. Such have no concern for the woes of those around them.

If you do good, it will come back to haunt you. People will expect a level of perfection heretofore unseen. Self-righteousness leads to self-aggrandizement.

It is always best to lead by example. Why follow someone who does not know where they are going? Only the ones who shine could ever light the way.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating a monster

Give one person power over another, and you have created a monster. If one can hurt others, they will. So, you should never give them the chance.

Rights are used to justify all wrongs. When someone has a right, we are expected to accept it. The concerns of the proposed victim are not even considered. 

Only when someone can do whatever they want, can you know who they truly are. Most will take advantage of the situation. The few remaining are the ones who care.

To the abuser, what they do is for retaliation. They were hurt, so somebody else must suffer. Guilt and innocence are irrelevant in matters of vengeance.

Those who treat others badly are asking to receive the same. Do not waste your time trying to get through to them. Banging your head against a wall will only make you dizzy.

Power is a fickle thing, always seeking a new master. The mighty are left to choke on the dust they kicked up. Still, there are many more tyrants waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Give and take

The hardest thing to resist is temptation. What you want may seem like a good idea, but people could get hurt. Those who care concern themselves with the consequences.

We live in a world where one can have just about all their heart desires. There is a word for desire that sacrifices others: lust. And in the end, it will leave you with nothing.

Love is about giving instead of taking. If only what you want is considered, then the other person is merely a prop. It is shameful to treat anyone as a thing and not a person.

Even if your interest is not wrong, does that make it right? That which does not make things better is not worth doing. Leave it for those whose goal is to go nowhere.

Doing the right thing requires little more than a bit of discipline. Lust actively seeks to devour others. If you care, such a notion will be discarded like the trash it is.

Love is a beautiful thing, bringing people together. Lust cheapens what otherwise could last a lifetime. Two hearts beating as one, now that is quite tempting.