Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weathering the storm

There is an exhaustion which rest cannot relieve and a weariness that goes far beyond the physical. The strain of living in a world so cold will eventually take its toll. To care means to keep the fire burning for one more day.

When people try your patience, it is a trial to be patient. Some embrace the challenge, while others declare it a lost cause. You would think the end had arrived, when really it has been expected for quite some time.

Many give up without ever trying. Life gets harder the further you go. One must be strong within, to withstand the storms that are sure to come.

Calamity strikes like a bolt of lightning, without warning or a chance to prepare. Dismay threatens to drown you in its flood. It’s all you can do to keep your head above water.

Those fit to survive, will overcome adversity. Up springs a gale and the seas will roll. The only way out is through.

When you emerge, there will be damage. The hull may be breached, and you could be taking on water. But the truest test of oneself is to weather the storm, and still remain afloat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Life and loss

Life is miserable, yet we mourn the loss of it. The death of a loved one saddens us like nothing else. It is also a sobering thought that through another’s mortality we are reminded of our own.

Denial is the first step, for we cannot accept the person has truly left us. We still expect to see them come walking through the door. Our memories are fresh, so the image remains.

It is easy to become angry at your loss and that of others. When a good person dies, the world loses something it can never get back. There is a gaping hole where their smile used to be.

Everyone grieves differently. Some are quick to shed tears no matter who is watching. Others suffer in silence, saving their sorrow for the pillow.

It is hard to be strong when others are falling apart. Some handle grief better. They are the shoulder to cry on and the listening ear.

People come into our lives for a reason. When they leave, part of them is left behind. Memories fade, but the heart will remember what time has forgotten.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A better place

How do you make the world a better place? By being a better person. Just one can make all the difference.

It is easy to allow your reach to exceed your grasp. No one can reasonably expect the impossible. But people become quite nervous when you point out what is well within their capabilities.

Being good is not easy. The envious will desire to take what you have. Others will hate you for making them look as bad as they are.

Why would anyone want that? It easy not to care: you just do nothing. There is a perception of safety in apathy.

But what does it bring? They get as good as they give, leading empty lives filled with deep depression. There is no escaping the nothingness within.

Sometimes it hurts to care, but it also helps. There is a reason our eyes look out and not in. If we close them, our world becomes a dark place indeed.   

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Some people

Some people exist to make others miserable. It is as if their soul is a black hole trying to suck all joy into the void. If they got their way, the world would be just as empty as they are.

Here is the true value of a person: would everyone be better or worse off without them? I am not advocating a purge. There are too many and it would take too long.

Some people live to make everything better. They cause the darkest clouds to part and warm the coldest day. These individuals can bring a smile to the saddest face.

Life is hard enough without someone dragging you down. No one was promised a rose garden, but who needs a thornbush?  They only exist to choke the life out of everything that is trying to grow.

The leopard cannot change its spots. Neither can human garbage become more than something to toss out before it stinks up the place. Maybe they could start a colony…

Be the one who lives to care. It will not be easy and even good people can test your resolve. But in this life there are really only two parts to play: part of the solution or part of the problem. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thick skin

We all have feelings, but they must not rule us. There are those who have nothing better to do than trample on them. The more thin the skin, the easier it is to draw blood.

If something is said to be mean, it has no other meaning. And so, it can be summarily dismissed. Wipe your hands of the vicious, and cleanse your heart of their filth.

But if you simply do not like what was said, train yourself to listen anyway. There are many lessons in life, and few are easy. One must demolish the old to build anew.

Here is the distinction: was the intent to build up or merely to tear down? If the motive was destruction, they will have nothing to offer. If it was construction, they will offer of themselves.

Be leery of those who are quick with advice. They are often slow to provide any meaningful assistance. You will do the work, while they take the credit.

With thick skin and good humor, one can deflect even the nastiest of blows. Do not take yourself too seriously, but do not allow yourself to be abused. They cannot keep you down, when you have risen up.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sticks and stones

If man speaks from the abundance of the heart, some hearts must be wicked indeed. There are those who joy in making others miserable. If I could understand such depravity, insanity would follow.

When a person does well, they are treated poorly. Jealousy is always sticking its fingers where they do not belong. And it never learns, though it may draw back a nub.

Those who suffer are pitied, as if they would wish for others to know their sorry state. To be sure, they often encourage people to feel this way. If life is hard, false tears will do nothing to soften it.

Words can be used to help or harm. They can be instructive or destructive. A life lived tearing others down, will swiftly to ruin lead.

They, whose tongues are sharp, cannot cry foul when cut by another. Their very words will come back on their heads. Perhaps they should be granted the mercy they have shown…

Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words will wound the heart. Everything without could remain intact. But who can survive a spirit crushed?  

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The noise of life

There are so many distractions, but sometimes we need to put our toys away. Too often, they become our lives. And we die for them just a little inside.

If what you make does not turn out well, the tools are not to blame. So, when things do not satisfy, they are not at fault. Satisfaction can only come from within.

To do nothing, is to be nothing. Even the ground we walk on has a purpose. It is a sad state of affairs when dirt is more useful than a person.

Action is required to overcome distraction. Busying oneself is the cure for boredom. Creation reverses stagnation.

Focus until the noise of life dies down. Push the chaos out, and concentrate solely on what you are doing. Clear your mind and the path will be seen.

Let the heart be your driving force. Know the joy of making instead of taking. It is better to stand than sit; better to walk than talk; and when you are living, there is no time to waste.