Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating a monster

Give one person power over another, and you have created a monster. If one can hurt others, they will. So, you should never give them the chance.

Rights are used to justify all wrongs. When someone has a right, we are expected to accept it. The concerns of the proposed victim are not even considered. 

Only when someone can do whatever they want, can you know who they truly are. Most will take advantage of the situation. The few remaining are the ones who care.

To the abuser, what they do is for retaliation. They were hurt, so somebody else must suffer. Guilt and innocence are irrelevant in matters of vengeance.

Those who treat others badly are asking to receive the same. Do not waste your time trying to get through to them. Banging your head against a wall will only make you dizzy.

Power is a fickle thing, always seeking a new master. The mighty are left to choke on the dust they kicked up. Still, there are many more tyrants waiting in the wings.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Give and take

The hardest thing to resist is temptation. What you want may seem like a good idea, but people could get hurt. Those who care concern themselves with the consequences.

We live in a world where one can have just about all their heart desires. There is a word for desire that sacrifices others: lust. And in the end, it will leave you with nothing.

Love is about giving instead of taking. If only what you want is considered, then the other person is merely a prop. It is shameful to treat anyone as a thing and not a person.

Even if your interest is not wrong, does that make it right? That which does not make things better is not worth doing. Leave it for those whose goal is to go nowhere.

Doing the right thing requires little more than a bit of discipline. Lust actively seeks to devour others. If you care, such a notion will be discarded like the trash it is.

Love is a beautiful thing, bringing people together. Lust cheapens what otherwise could last a lifetime. Two hearts beating as one, now that is quite tempting.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lighting a candle

Doing good will not always feel good. People who help others often suffer for it. Still it is always better to light a candle, than to complain about the darkness.

There will be those who need you when you are weary. Caring can be an exhausting proposition. It is not for those who cannot do without their creature comforts.

People will test your kindly disposition. Will you rise to the occasion? Or shall you fall into selfishness, and bask in a meaningless existence.

A life of safety helps no one. There are risks, but they are not worth mentioning when souls are at stake. Make things better, or stick to the sidelines.

Those who care do not do what they wish, but what they must. It is not required to give up yourself. But the focus should be towards the outside, where you are needed.

Easy is for the weak, and not for the good. True strength must be tested to find its worth. It is not shameful to fall, so long as you give the fight of your life.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Quality counts

Quality is more important than quantity. It is better to have one gold nugget, than a whole pile of useless rocks. What can be done, should be done while the sun is shining.

A gift of time need not be excessive. A few minutes spent with the ones you love are better than hours spent alone. You will have more to show and someone to share it with.

Progress is not measured in giant leaps, but small steps. It matters not how long it takes to reach the goal. So long as you are moving towards it, the outcome is virtually assured.

Life moves us swiftly downstream. Sometimes, there is not an hour to be found. But such things are made of minutes, and often the best we can do is to savor each one.

Something of quality moves slower, because it has more weight behind it. That which is cheap and easy flashes right past. And we remember it for the little it was worth.

Put your heart into that one thing, and you will be surprised at its longevity. People are moved by the craftsmanship displayed. After all, who can forget the unforgettable?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Truly happy

Happiness comes from within. No one can teach you how to be it, nor can they dissuade one from sinking into self-pity. It is up to the individual to determine they will be happy.

There are plenty of challenges for those with a sunny disposition. The depressed will test you with their pessimism. The despairing will vex you with their cynicism.

Just because you are happy, it does not mean everything will work out. It does not prevent bad things from happening. It means no matter how bad it gets you will not let it get you down.

The wicked can never be truly happy. There is nothing within to be satisfied with. Their every day is spent hammering nails into what will eventually become their coffin.

Strive to make things better for yourself and others. Contentment should always be a temporary state. When one obstacle has been overcome, set your sights on the next.

Misery within cannot be indefinitely contained. Eventually, it will spill forth when you least expect it. Happiness is too good not to share, so spread it around both far and wide.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What is best

That which is best is not based on anyone's opinion. To determine the value of an action, ask yourself will things be made better or worse for it? Then, the truth shall be revealed.

Everyone likes to imagine they are good. Even reprobates can convince themselves of the righteousness of their cause. Lies have a way of becoming beliefs.

When what you do chiefly benefits you, there is something wrong with it. If public opinion is in your favor, you should beware. They have expectations for being so agreeable.

It is best to put the concerns of others before your own. Do not decide for yourself what another person needs. If you care, these things will fall into place.

Deal with your own problems first. Those who cannot help themselves cannot help anyone else. Instead, their excess baggage will drag others down.

Strive to be a blessing to everyone you meet. If they prove unworthy, it is their failing and not yours. Kick the dust off your feet and continue the quest for fertile ground.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Right and wrong

People are obsessed with being right. Good and evil are not based on anyone's opinion. Those who really care see righteousness for what it really is: pride.

It is not enough to be correct. Others must stand corrected and bow before the superior intellect. Shining the spotlight on oneself only reveals one's imperfections.

Someone can be both right and wrong at the same time. What is said may be true, but attitude can ruin the whole thing. Remember the fingers pointing back at you.

Proclaiming one's rights is even more annoying. Good things do not come to those who whine. One can stand up for themselves without putting others down.

What good is it to know better when worse is done? You cannot help anyone by just sitting on your high horse. The fertile ground is down below.

Right and wrong are irrelevant. Do what is best and you will always do the right thing. The finger that points is in no position to be a helping hand.