Tuesday, January 7, 2020

The finish line

Endings are among the sweetest of sorrows. It feels good to see a work to completion. Though you will miss the effort, you can enjoy the achievement.

That which does not end cannot fulfill. We are denied the satisfaction of finishing what was started. There is no climactic thrill, merely an endless drone.

Conclusions often lead to new beginnings. One thing inspires another, which benefits us all. Those who hold on too tight, end up squeezing out the life.

Journeying only has significance if you reach a destination. Wandering has no meaning until you find something. Roam too far and you will wind up lost.

The last few steps can be the hardest ones. Without reaching the goal, nothing is accomplished. Refuse to stop until the finish line has been crossed.

There is a purpose for everything in our lives. Do not miss what is waiting here for you. We can either let the years bury us, or rise to the occasion.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Forward and back

Instead of looking forward, it is often better to look back. There you will find what has actually been achieved. Eschew the making of empty professions.

Remember what was done right, but do not forget the wrong. To fix a problem, its existence must be acknowledged. After that, you can focus on a solution.

Our firm decisions tend not to last. We make big plans, but have no intention of carrying them out. We would rather draw attention to our good intentions.

The things we do show the strength of our resolve. They provide a foundation on which to build. If you would attain success, abstain from contentment.

It is not as important how things begin as how they end. Mistakes will be made along the way. What matters is whether we finish what was started.

Obstacles arise to impede our progress. Do not be the cause of your own obstruction. Sometimes, all that is really required is to get out of your own way.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Beneath the trappings

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle. We stress ourselves out to make the season bright. In the midst of this, what is important can be missed.

Beneath the trappings you will find the people. More precious than presents is just to be present. In the stillness, one learns to cherish each moment.

We are the gift that can continually give. Things lose their luster, but hearts shine even when they beat no more. Time passes, but the love remains.

No one is an island in this sea of humanity. It is easy to forget there are bridges between us. Families are provided, while one's friends are discovered.

Do not let the differences become cause for division. We can either pull together or be pulled apart. Connections broken cannot always be mended.

This is the one life we have. These are the people we have been blessed with. If we do not appreciate what is given, we will come to mourn its loss.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Irritation avoidance

We often give minor irritations major consideration. As if being inconvenienced was a serious problem. Our reaction should be to just relax.

Everything cannot go our way. There will be times when we do not get what we want. When one stops expecting, they can start experiencing life. 

What is allowed to get to us will do so. Disagreements can escalate quickly into something far worse. A debate is over once it becomes an argument.

Our world is filled with bodies in motion. So, there are going to be collisions. It is not what happens, but how we respond to it that is most important.

You do not stand up for yourself by trampling others. The squeaky wheel most often gets the grease. If the noise continues, a replacement is needed.

Some people walk around with a chip on their shoulder. They should be the ones to knock it off. Rather than starting trouble, it is best to avoid it.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Thinking and feeling

We put a lot of stock in how we feel. Yet, the one thing sure about emotions is that they change. How can anyone rely on something so undependable?

Feelings come and go as they wish. In a matter of moments, one can go from happy to sad. A firm decision cannot be made on such unstable ground.

The heart feels what should be done. However, the head must determine the means to do it. Things are more apt to work when the two work together.

Those who focus on feelings tend to get tossed about. Around they go, not knowing where they might stop. Be sure it will not be where they intended.

To think oneself into a corner is easily done. The only way out is to look within. There you will find that the beat of one's heart has no need for reason.

Thinking and feeling both have their place. Fools neglect the former, and without the latter you are dead inside. Only as a team can they succeed.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A little prevention

Life can really put the miles on you. No matter how careful you are, accidents have a way of happening. No one makes it out unscathed.

With a little bit of prevention, a whole lot of misery can be avoided. There are many dangers out there. Remain alert if you would stay healthy.

What cannot be averted must be borne. It is amazing how resilient humans are. However, it also means our suffering can be quite prolonged.

Over the years, bumps and bruises will accumulate. What starts as a minor issue, can become a major one. The longer it lasts, the worse it could get.

One's spirit can be so much stronger than their flesh. Our bodies have limits which cannot be denied. Only what is inside can push us beyond these.

Eventually, the wearing and tearing takes its toll. The better care you take, the better off you will be. Prevent what you can, and endure what you must.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Words and deeds

What we do will show who we are. The things we say can be total fabrications. Yet, an individual's deeds have a way of bearing themselves out.

There are those who say one thing and do another. Do not expect consistency from such as these. You can only truly depend on them being false.

It is best to let our deeds speak for us. Since they carry more weight, they are more apt to prove the point. Then, others can see what you mean.

One cannot be what they are not. A costume is only good until someone descries the zipper. Then, the illusion is lost while the truth is revealed.

People often become entangled in their own lies. Falsehoods breed at an alarming rate. Yet, they are fragile in nature and rarely survive scrutiny.

Proof removes the necessity for trust. Giving your word does not mean it should be taken. Instead, let your actions show you mean what you say.